Multiplication Card Game Math Grab

Learn Multiplication Times Tables with the Game Math Grab.. The FUN Way to Learn Times Tables for Kids!

  • Helps kids really memorize multiplication forward and backwards, learning 3x6 and also trying to find the match for '18'
  • Great multiplication game for parents and teacher to teach kids multiplication
  • Kids learn multiplication easier and faster when they are having fun with games!
  • Math Grab allows kids to compete and learn multiplication with their friends, parents, and classmates.
  • Flash cards are boring for kids, this is a fun new way to help learn multiplication.
  • Great for kids in 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade learning multiplication.
  • Excellent multiplication teaching strategy for teachers and parents.

Every year kids struggle to learn their multiplication tables and improve their fact fluency, most students will try to learn using boring flashcards and songs, while those methods are still important we are introducing a NEW FUN way to learn fast with Math Grab!

Math Grab Game is the fun card game with a multiplication strategy that guarantees kids will learn and memorize their multiplication times tables fast and help with their fact fluency! The multiplication card game is designed for parents and teachers to teach kids multiplication in 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, or 6th Grade. The game can be played with their friends or also a great family learning game.

Memorizing Multiplication while having Fun! Fact Fluency!

Learning multiplication times tables is a strategy requires you to really memorize forwards and backwards every potential multiplication question and answer.  The Math Grab Multiplication does just that!

The multiplication game teaches children to not only think about the answer to 6x8, it gets them to think about what multiplication question matches 48.  Also since the kids are consistently getting new math cards and discarding others, it truly gets kids to continuously memorize the multiplication questions to the answers AND the multiplication answers to the questions!

Variation is Key to Learning Multiplication Facts

The key to really memorizing multiplication facts is variation.  Kids have a hard time relying only on flash cards and catchy multiplication songs to teach their fact fluency.  While those are still vital to learning we found that by introducing new and exciting ways of memorizing is the key to achieving desired results for kids.

Math Grab was created over several months of continuous testing with kids, parents, and teachers to make sure the final product is effective in helping kids memorize multiplication facts.  Math Grab brings out the competitiveness within kids and really encourages them to do well and WIN the game! It's all about the math facts fluency building.

Who is Math Grab designed for?

Math Grab is best used to teach kids who already know their multiplication times tables.  We see this benefit most students in 3rd grade have learned their times tables sufficient to benefit from Math Grab.  Kids in 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, and even 7th Grade can still benefit from Math Grab.