How to Play Math Grab Multiplication

Learn How to Play – Math Grab Multiplication Card Game

Objective of the Math Grab Game

The objective of the game is to simply be the first player to discard all your cards by matching various multiplication facts as quick as possible!

Math Grab - Multiplication Card Game

Setting up the Game

  • Shuffle the Question cards with the Answer cards
  • Randomly pass out 10 cards to each player
  • Place the remaining cards in the middle of the playing area face down for a ‘Draw Pile’
  • Each player places all their cards face up in front of them
  • Before the game begins each player should identify any matches they have and discard
    • A match is made when your Question card equals an Answer card you have
  • When a match is made the player places these two cards aside in their discard pile

Playing the Game

  • Each player takes turns flipping 1 card upright from the center Draw Pile
  • Once the card is flipped over the math is on! Each player looks at the cards in front of them to determine if they can solve an equation with the center card, if so Grab It and make the match!  You have to be quick as the first player to grab it gets it!
  • First player to solve and discard all their cards wins!

Card Types

  • Question Card: These cards will display a multiplication question and must be matched up with an answer card. (example 2×7).
  • Answer Card: These cards will display a multiplication answer and must be matched up with a question card. (example 14).
  • Wild Card: Use this card in place of ANY Question or Answer to make a match.
  • Draw +: If you are the player to draw this card (or get it in the initial dealing) you must draw additional cards.
  • Grab a Card:  Use this card to grab any 1 card from another player.