Helping kids learn multiplication... The fun way!

Math Grab Multiplication Game

Learn Why Everyone is Talking About Math Grab!
The NEW FUN WAY to Learn Multiplication!

Math Grab is a fun Multiplication Card Game to help kids learn their multiplication times tables! Unlike most other methods kids use to learn multiplication, Math Grab uses a new effective, fun, and quick way to get kids to memorize times tables. The game is simple. Each round, one player flips over a card, and everyone else quickly reviews their cards to determine if they have a match.. if so GRAB IT and discard. First player to discard all cards wins!

  • Memorize Multiplication

    Kids not just learn multiplication using Math Grab, they memorize times tables! This new proven way of learning has helped kids truly learn while having fun!

  • Having Fun

    Not your everyday boring Flash Cards! This new fun multiplication card game Math Grab will have your kids wanting to play and you will see them learning at the same time!

  • Fast Learning

    Quickly match up Questions with Answers as the multiplication cards are flipped over! First player to solve all their times table cards wins!

  • Interactive

    Play with the whole family, up to 4 players can play Math Grab at once. Also great for classrooms!

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